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Governor's plans could jeopardize Louisiana's coastal protection efforts

Governor's plans could jeopardize Louisiana's coastal protection efforts

Environmental advocates warn that Louisiana's new governor is threatening the state's leading coastal protection agency by making significant changes to its structure and leadership.

Shannon Osaka reports for The Washington Post.

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Rebuilding in Lahaina sees easing of coastal rules after wildfires

Rebuilding in Lahaina sees easing of coastal rules after wildfires

Homeowners in Lahaina, Maui, will now find it easier to rebuild their homes damaged by recent wildfires, as state and local governments relax certain zoning laws to speed up the recovery process.

Stewart Yerton reports for Honolulu Civil Beat.

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maine coast

Climate change splits Maine lawmakers trying to aid storm-ravaged coastal towns

Maine lawmakers mulling how to help coastal communities devastated by back-to-back storms this month are airing ideas that are shaped in part by partisan splits on climate change.

coastal fishing town

The last residents of a coastal Mexican town destroyed by climate change

Flooding has destroyed the Mexican town of El Bosque. It's driven by some of the world’s fastest sea-level rise and increasingly brutal winter storms.
auckland new zealand
Photo by Kishan Modi on Unsplash

Protecting New Zealand's cities from climate change

New Zealand's coastal communities bear the brunt of extreme weather events. In Auckland, young engineers and architects are using technology to help their city withstand the impact of our changing climate.

coastal waterfront homes
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Designing coastal waterfronts for South Florida’s wet future

Florida International University researchers look at nature as a role model to design coastal areas where humans can survive as 21st century sea levels rise.
wax lake delta
Big Stock Photo

Louisiana’s coast is vanishing — except for Wax Lake Delta

New land is rare good news in the state’s struggles to address its rapidly disappearing Gulf Coast.