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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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South Carolina's coastal adaptation debates stir community concerns

In a bid to tackle coastal erosion, South Carolina communities and environmentalists clash over the construction of erosion control structures called groins at Debidue Beach.

Daniel Shailer reports for Inside Climate News.

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Louisiana proposed LNG export hub
Credit: brando/Flickr

Biden administration reportedly pauses approval of ‘carbon mega bomb’ gas export hub

Calcasieu Pass 2, positioned near the rapidly eroding Louisiana shoreline, would be the biggest such export terminal in the US.

Maine resilience climate priorities
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Maine officials, climate council agree building resilience to extreme weather a top priority

Gov. Janet Mills called a special meeting of the climate council to discuss the coastal flooding and other devastation from the trio of recent storms.
coastal erosion & flooding vulnerability
Credit: NCDOTcommunications/Flickr

Dolan, Godfrey: Scientists proved Outer Banks are moving

Findings more than 50 years ago by coastal geologist Robert Dolan and husband-and-wife researchers Paul and Melinda Godfrey changed barrier island understanding and led the National Park Service to reverse longstanding policy.
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subsidence & rising sea levels
Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program/Skyler Ballard/Flickr

Sinking US cities already face ‘real impacts’ as subsidence poses risk to buildings and roads

‘Hotspots of sinking land intersect directly with population and infrastructure hubs,’ researchers warn.

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climate-driven flood migration

Flooding drives millions to move as climate-driven migration patterns emerge

Flood risk and climate change are pushing millions of people to move from their homes, according to a new study by the risk analysis firm First Street Foundation.
Bude UK climate resilience
Credit: van.ike/Flickr

‘We can’t afford to wait’: a Cornish town faces climate threat head on

How an image of the projected high tide in 2050 swung the people of Bude into action.