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Biden's plan may make new homes greener and pricier

Biden's plan may make new homes greener and pricier

The Biden administration is planning to enforce stricter energy efficiency standards for new homes, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs.

Thomas Frank reports for POLITICO.

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With N.C. efficiency codes frozen, advocates eye other opportunities

With a statewide building code overhaul off the table until 2031, efficiency advocates look to federal tax credits and utility incentives to advance building efficiency in North Carolina.

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Building codes save money and lives

As climate change increases the number and severity of natural disasters, an investment in updated building codes will save billions in repairs.

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Biden adopts new green building energy standards for housing

The Biden administration has announced a plan to adopt new building energy standards for homes built and financed by the federal government, a move that officials said will result in energy savings of more than 35% for families.

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Can North Carolina code officials win builders over on energy conservation?

After hours of grueling and sometimes heated negotiations, North Carolina officials are offering edits to their proposal for thicker insulation, more efficient windows, and other improvements in home construction in an effort to win over the state’s developer lobby.