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Photos: Smoke from Wine Country fires traveled as far as Mexico.

Photos: Smoke from Wine Country fires traveled as far as Mexico.

It can be challenging to put the devastation of the Wine Country fires into perspective, but when viewed from such great heights, one's cognitive distance quickly shrinks.

Wind carried smoke from the Wine Country fires as far as Mexico, over 550 miles south of the North Bay. 

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'Katrina brain': The invisible long-term toll of megastorms.

Long after a big hurricane blows through, its effects hammer the mental-health system.

Bryan Tamowski for POLITICO

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Ecosystem expert says 'interacting effects' contribute to rise in blue green algae.

Research presented in Sudbury shows a number of factors are triggering cyanobacteria blooms.

Global climate change could be behind the rise in blue-green algae blooms across northern Ontario, at least according to a renowned Canadian ecosystem scientist.

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In a changing climate, conservative elephant seals suffer.
Sheila Sund

In a changing climate, conservative elephant seals suffer.

Elephant seals that shirk traditional foraging grounds fare better during times of change.

by Rebecca Heisman

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World hunger haunts the UN festivities.

After a decade of decline, global malnutrition rose last year, as global warming and civil conflicts posed a greater threat.

World Hunger Haunts the U.N. Festivities

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Want to bridge the urban-rural divide? Start by learning about family farms.

Ted Genoways, a journalist and fourth-generation Nebraskan, talks about the year he spent chronicling a Nebraskan family farm and what the rest of us can learn from his experience.

Ted Genoways wants to challenge your thinking about the people growing your food. Counter to popular wisdom, not all farmers are either 1) selling organic tomatoes at your local farmers’ market or 2) running massive corporate operations.

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Pandemics, politics and the Spanish flu.

One of the worst plagues in human history is largely forgotten now. For our own sakes, it’s time to remember what happened.

Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World Laura Spinney Jonathan Cape (2017)

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