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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Image by Michael from Pixabay

New Mexico constitution focus of legal fight over oil and gas drilling

The nation's No. 2 oil-producing state is being sued over its alleged failure to meet constitutional provisions meant to protect against pollution from the industry.

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New Mexico Democrats hope bill will protect rights against pollution

Rights to a clean environment could be enshrined in New Mexico’s Constitution if a resolution pre-filed ahead of the 2023 Legislative Session is passed, putting the matter before voters.

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Chile’s constitutional fight over climate change

Chileans rejected a proposed constitution that would have been the first to confront climate change. But they are not done.
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Andrew Koppelman and John Paul Stevens: Climate change and the Supreme Court’s version of police abolitionism

Most voters have repeatedly rejected the radical libertarian notion that liberty means a government too feeble to solve the nation’s most urgent problems.
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Photo by Dion Beetson on Unsplash

Environmentalists in Chile are hoping to replace the country’s Pinochet-era legal framework with an ‘ecological constitution’

A draft now being debated, which must be completed by July 5 and ratified in a national vote before September, would recognize the climate crisis and guarantee the rights of nature and animals.

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Water or mineral? In Chile, a debate over lithium brine

Chile’s constitutional rewrite confronts climate change head on

Chile has lots of lithium, which is essential to the world’s transition to green energy. But anger over powerful mining interests, a water crisis and inequality has driven Chile to rethink how it defines itself.
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Norway’s supreme court hears rights challenge to Arctic oil drilling

Norway’s supreme court hears rights challenge to Arctic oil drilling

Environmental groups argue that exploratory drilling licenses violate a constitutional right to a healthy environment. It’s a test case taking on an industry that is key to the country’s economy.