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Coral bleaching ocean warming

Coral bleaching crisis unfolds as oceans reach record heat levels

Recent ocean heatwaves have triggered the fourth global mass coral bleaching event, devastating coral reefs worldwide.

Georgina Rannard reports for the BBC.

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building climate-resilient coral reefs
Credit: WorldFish/Flickr

The race to build climate-resilient coral reefs

These innovations are speeding up the recovery of bleached corals.
coral bleaching
Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

As oceans warm, coral bleaching seen at greater depths

Researchers have discovered coral bleaching hundreds of feet underwater, at a depth where corals were once well insulated from surface warming.

Great Barrier Reef ocean warming

With record ocean temps, is the Great Barrier Reef facing catastrophe?

Like the catastrophic Great Barrier Reef bleaching event of 2016, if the current conditions line up just right, “we could lose a huge part of the reef by February,” says guest Dean Miller of the Forever Reef Project, which is now racing to add the final coral specimens to its “biobank.”

coral bleaching

Extreme heat is taking a toll in this Florida bay

After enduring record summer ocean temperatures, anemones, sponges, and jellyfish throughout the Florida Everglades are showing signs of bleaching.
coral bleaching in Florida

I visited a beautiful coral reef in 2022. What I saw there this summer shocked me

Devastating photos reveal how an extreme heat wave is wrecking Florida’s coral reef.
protecting corals from climate change

Shade, fog and probiotics: How scientists are trying to protect corals

Technical strategies to protect corals from bleaching have limitations and are only one part of the overall solution to saving imperiled reefs, experts say.