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Azerbaijani government criticized for silencing media ahead of climate summit
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
Daniel Ellsberg climate warning

How Daniel Ellsberg opened the door to one of the most consequential climate stories of our time

The whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers was undaunted by the challenge of finding out what the oil industry knew about carbon emissions and global warming.

FirstEnergy Ohio racketeering trial

Defenders claimed corrupt energy bill would save money. Prosecutor smashed that claim, too

On the stand, one witness after another testified that he supported a massive utility bailout because it would save consumers more than $1 billion. But as they did with so many other claims, prosecutors appeared to demolish that one as well.
Big Oil record profits

Kate Aronoff: Oil companies never cared about the war in Ukraine

A year after toil majors declared they were cutting ties with Russia, Shell and Exxon can boast record profits. Shell may still be using Russian oil.
disinformation campaign australia fracking
Beetaloo Economic Alliance

Beetaloo Economic Alliance website uses 'astroturfing' strategies, anti-fracking group claims

Ray Dimakarri Dixon has been a long-time critic of fracking in the NT's Beetaloo basin. So it was with surprise that the Mudburra elder learned his image was being used without permission on a website advocating the development of the gas-rich region.
FirstEnergy Ohio political corruption

FirstEnergy exec tried to keep DeWine aide's name off of $10M transaction

In October 2019, as a battle raged over an attempt to repeal a $1.3 billion utility bailout, a FirstEnergy executive worked to keep the name of a senior aide to Gov. Mike DeWine off of a $10 million infusion of corporate cash into the fight. 
Oil companies & renewable energy

Kate Aronoff: Oil companies are finally being honest about their feelings on renewable energy

BP CEO Bernard Looney and Shell CEO Wael Sawan have been candid recently: If wind energy makes them money, great. If it’s not as profitable as fossil fuels, screw it.
Brazilian meat giant greenwashing "green bonds"

Brazilian meat giant under fire for allegedly misleading investors

JBS, the world's largest meat company, is accused of misleading investors about its multibillion-dollar "green bonds." The company disputes the allegations.