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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Aridity could dry up Southwestern mine proposals

Critical minerals for the clean energy transition are abundant in the Southwest, but the dozens of mines proposed to access them will require vast sums of water, something in short supply in the desert.
Authorities investigate death at Burning Man as thousands remain trapped

Authorities investigate death at Burning Man as thousands remain trapped

Thousands of attendees of the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert faced the prospect of more rain on Sunday after a stretch of heavy precipitation that has tested the resolve of its free-spirited participants as most have been stuck at the site and forced to conserve food and water.

burning man black rock city
Photo by Bry Ulrick on Unsplash

Burning Man’s climate protesters block road to Black Rock City

Building a temporary city of 80,000 people in the desert is actually bad for the planet.
california big bloom aids seed collectors
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California's big bloom aids seed collectors as climate change and wildfires threaten desert species

After massive winter downpours, conservationists in California are eager to gather desert seeds as an insurance policy against a hotter and drier future.
rural india hydroponics desert
Image by Juda from Pixabay

An ancient desert-dwelling culture embraces hydroponics

With droughts on the rise, India's pastoralists are turning to modern techniques to conserve water -- and a way of life.
conservation colorado river delta
Unsplash: Mike Newbry

Conservationists and farmers work together to restore the Colorado River Delta

The Colorado River Delta in Mexico has long looked more like a desert than a delta. That’s starting to change.
climate solar farm mojave desert california
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

How solar farms took over the California desert: ‘An oasis has become a dead sea’

Residents feel trapped and choked by dust, while experts warn environmental damage is ‘solving one problem by creating others.'