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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Trump border wall damage

Trump's border wall caused 'significant' cultural, environmental damage, watchdog finds

The 450 miles of barrier waived or disregarded environmental and historic preservation laws and interfered with endangered species, diverted water sources and caused other environmental damage, GAO said.
crude gushing from Libyan desert pipeline

Libya oil firm says crude gushing from desert pipeline

A broken pipeline in Libya is releasing thousands of barrels of oil into the desert every day. The news is the latest blow to the country’s struggling oil sector.
High-speed train Cal to Las Vegas
Alex Wilson/ Flickr

High-speed train to Las Vegas is hailed as an eco jackpot. But will it harm desert sheep?

Conservationists fear that the ability of animals to roam could become dangerously restricted in the face of a proposed high-speed electric rail line connecting Southern California and Las Vegas.

'biocrust,' the desert's protective skin

How researchers hope to preserve and restore 'biocrust,' the desert's protective skin

Biocrust could prevent dust storms and erosion, even slow wildfires, but it's vulnerable to human activity and, increasingly, climate change.
In Israel, questions are raised about a forest that rises from the desert

In Israel, questions are raised about a forest that rises from the desert

Israel's Yatir Forest has been hailed as a green refuge in the Negev that is helping fight climate change. But some Israeli ecologists now contend that it has wiped out important desert ecosystems.