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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
environmental justice pittsburgh
powder river coal leasing
coal energy gavin toxics

Ohio coal-fired power plant could close after EPA decision

The EPA decided to revoke the James M. Gavin power plant's permit to dump coal ash into unlined pits.
biodiesel cornell robertson

Cornell Robertson: How can soybeans be used to fuel vehicles?

Organizations that adopt the use of biodiesel will have a positive impact on both their bottom line and the environment. They’ll reduce fuel and maintenance costs while, at the same time, improve air quality and increase our country’s energy independence.

columbus solar energy climate

Co-op aims to save Columbus-area residents hundreds on solar panels

The city of Columbus and a group of nonprofits hope a fledgling solar power co-op will help central Ohioans install solar panels on their rooftops and save money on electricity bills.

Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant hydrogen energy

Hydrogen power facility planned for site of former Piketon plant

A hydrogen-fueled power plant is being proposed for the site of the toxic Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the southern Ohio community of Piketon.

climate impacts weather

Earth became a less hospitable place in 2021

Climate change is becoming increasingly dangerous, as multiple reports from 2021 demonstrate.
energy pollution emissions

Ohio State, landfill among largest greenhouse gas emitters in Franklin County

Emissions data for greenhouse gas emitters was released by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in October, revealing the largest polluters in Franklin County.

climate george miller

George Miller: Now's the time to embrace voters' desire to deal with climate change

Green deals are good; green jobs are even better - but time is running out.