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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Feeling overwhelmed by 'eco-anxiety'? Here's how to cope

With the threat of wildfire and climate change, experts say it's normal to feel stress and anxiety. To avoid being overwhelmed by eco-anxiety, they suggest things such as coming up with a personal climate action plan, staying informed and showing yourself kindness.
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What's the best weapon against climate change? Hope

As young people battle anxiety over extreme weather and a foreboding future, scientists and advocates try a new message to ease worries—and help save the planet.

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How 2 Gen Z climate leaders turned their eco-anxiety into action

The climate crisis impacts everyone, and young people feel especially stressed about the warming planet.

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Third of young people ‘very worried’ about climate change

A third of young people in Britain are scared, sad or pessimistic about climate change, with more than a quarter feeling overwhelmed, according to a new poll.

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Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2023 so far

The media has an important role to play in combatting climate doom. It's our job to be truthful and accurate in our reporting, not trying to downplay or greenwash the situation. But it's also our job to show that there is hope.

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Warmer winters and vanishing snow

Warmer winters and vanishing snow breed climate grief

Temperature records this northern winter will increase ecological grief and anxiety for people living in once snowy regions. But could these feelings spur climate action?
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Incoming Dem whip Clark recalls child ‘waking up with nightmares’ over climate change

Incoming House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark said her generation could bring a new perspective to Congress because her kids grew up being scared about climate change and gun violence.