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Russia's war on Ukraine significantly increases global emissions
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Transforming excess carbon into bio-oil
Biden administration launches initiative to reduce food waste
disaster aid injustice
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GoFundMe is remaking disaster aid. It largely helps the wealthy.

The crowdfunding site raised more money for wildfire survivors with high incomes than for those who need help most, researchers found.
EPA environmental justice cases
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EPA is backing down from environmental justice cases nationwide

The agency has pumped the brakes on Civil Rights Act investigations out of apparent fear that a Louisiana challenge could make it to the Supreme Court.
carbon footprint wealth disparity
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Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says

‘Polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to point of destruction, says Oxfam after comprehensive study of climate inequality.

US EV adoption rate

Three big reasons Americans haven't rapidly adopted EVs

US consumers are buying electric vehicles – just not at the pace some analysts predicted. A few core reasons keep the average consumer from moving past petrol.
plastic environmental and health impacts

The skyrocketing cost of plastic: New research reveals shocking environmental and health impacts in global south

The lifecycle cost of plastic is up to ten times higher in low-income countries than in wealthy ones, largely because a lack of waste management infrastructure means plastic ends up as pollution.

global elite outsized emissions

Emissions are a rich people problem

Efforts to curb climate change are failing. That's mostly due to the staggering contributions of the global elite.
NC environmental justice order

N.C. Gov. Cooper issues environmental justice order, says it will "last beyond this administration"

On Tuesday Gov. Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 292, “Advancing Environmental Justice for North Carolina.”