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El Paso challenges oil refinery permit

In El Paso, Texas, residents are challenging Marathon Petroleum's permit renewal for its local refinery, raising concerns about soil contamination and air quality.

Martha Pskowski reports for Inside Climate News.

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Photo by Robin Sommer on Unsplash

El Paso challenges oil refinery permit

Marathon Petroleum is seeking another 10-year permit for its refinery in the middle of a low-income Hispanic neighborhood in El Paso.
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Photo by Chris Carzoli on Unsplash

Ambitious climate proposition faces fossil fuel backlash in El Paso

Sunrise El Paso put forward a charter amendment to transition the city off fossil fuels and explore creating a municipal electric utility. The chamber of commerce and the fossil fuel industry are mounting a scorched earth campaign to kill it.

El Paso fossil fuels phaseout
Photo by Raul Miranda on Unsplash

El Paso charter fight tests whether city will move away from fossil fuels

As global efforts to combat climate change falter, climate activists have turned to local initiatives to rein in carbon emissions. A May vote on a city charter amendment has thrust El Paso into the fray.
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Worried about climate change, you may have eco-anxiety

Over two-thirds of Americans have experienced eco-anxiety, according to a 2019 survey from the American Psychological Association.

As Rio Grande shrinks, El Paso plans for uncertain water future

As Rio Grande shrinks, El Paso plans for uncertain water future

With a megadrought persisting in the Southwest, El Paso and other cities on the Rio Grande are scrambling to find alternative sources of water and are turning to innovative approaches — desalination, transporting water via pipelines, and “toilet-to-tap” wastewater recycling.
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Losing Arctic ice will affect people around the world

If we continue toward an ice-free Artic, that could mean big impacts felt around the world.