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Texas to expand fast-charging EV stations
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Texas legislation aims to expand fast-charging electric vehicle stations

Two bills would form the foundation for companies to build more electric vehicle charging stations across the state, supporters say.
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Bring on the boring EVs

The next step toward electric cars just becoming cars is playing out on your TV screen.
climate decarbonization profits good news

Fighting climate change was costly. Now it’s profitable

It is a good time to be in the decarbonization business in the United States.

Electric vehicles downside

Electric vehicles are bringing out the worst in us

The downside of heavy, overpowered trucks and SUVs.

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Why is USPS buying electric vehicles?

The new USPS plan for EVs will be almost like shutting down a gas-fired power plant every year.
Ohio EV factory workers vote to unionize

Ohio EV factory workers vote to unionize

The election at the plant, owned by GM and LG Electronics, was a major test for the labor movement in the fight against climate change.