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West Coast embraces electric big trucks, leading by example

West Coast embraces electric big trucks, leading by example

Titan Freight Systems is making a significant shift to electric trucks on the West Coast, showcasing both environmental and economic benefits.

Peter Fairley reports for The Tyee.

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Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Electric trucks could reduce air pollution, improve health

The Yale Climate Connections team writes about environmental justice advocates who are calling for a zero-emission freight transportation system.

In a nutshell:

Low-income Black and Brown communities are disproportionately affected by the harmful pollution caused by diesel trucks transporting cargo across the country. The Moving Forward Network, a nationwide coalition, is advocating for a shift to a zero-emission freight transportation system, embracing electric trucks powered by clean energy. While the EPA has introduced new rules for regulating truck emissions, they fall short of the coalition's ambitions, prompting calls for stronger regulations to ensure a healthier and happier life for those living near these concentrated vehicle routes.

Key quote:
“For people who have to live … in the area where a lot of these vehicles are concentrated, they just want to live a happy and healthy life,” Serenity Williams says. “And to do that, we need the stronger rules so the freight industry can be held to account for what they’re producing.”

The big picture:
As diesel trucks transport goods across the country, they release pollutants that contribute to climate change and negatively impact air quality. The burden of this freight pollution falls disproportionately on low-income communities of color, who often reside near highways, ports, and distribution centers. Exposure to diesel exhaust is linked to cardiovascular issues, cancer risk and even neurological impacts.

Read more at Yale Climate Connections.

More from EHN:
Regan Patterson argues that electrification isn't enough. Transportation justice requires a redistribution of power.

Krystal Vasquez reports on a study showing that low-income people of color in the U.S. are exposed to 28% more nitrogen dioxide in the air they breathe compared to their wealthier white counterparts.

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Electric trucks are coming. Is the grid ready?

While the Northeast is ramping up efforts to electrify the diesel-powered truck fleets that rumble through its major freight corridors, the region lacks a vision for what the increased electricity demand will mean for the grid and vehicle charging infrastructure.

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Climate activists play 'show and tell' by bringing electric trucks and a battery-powered school bus to Annapolis

With real-time evidence of climate change plainly visible — cherry blossoms blooming weeks ahead of schedule — environmental activists gathered in front of the State House on Monday urging officials to do all they can to promote the use of electric trucks and school buses in the state.

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Tesla’s electric monster truck complicates Elon Musk’s climate commitment

The world’s top EV seller hasn’t followed through on a 16-year-old goal of making them widely affordable and the Cybertruck, its next model, will be Tesla’s most resource-intensive.

Truck makers fight climate rules while touting an electric future

Truck makers fight climate rules while touting an electric future

Under pressure to phase out diesel-powered trucks, major manufacturers have offered plenty of assurances. But behind the scenes, the industry is working to delay that clean-truck future.