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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Ignoring Indigenous rights is making the green transition more expensive

“If you’re going to develop energy in the U.S. you’ve got to do it with the support of tribal communities."
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Meet the communities trying to take over their local electric utility

Activists say public power would lower bills and expand clean energy.
As utility bills rise, low-income Americans struggle for access to clean energy

As utility bills rise, low-income Americans struggle for access to clean energy

The Biden administration has deployed various programs to try to increase access to clean energy. But systems that could help lower bills are still out of reach for many low-income households.
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Buying an EV just got more affordable

The federal tax credit is now available as an upfront rebate, making EVs more accessible to low- and-middle-income households.
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LISTEN: What would a just energy transition look like for US tribes?

Two senior fellows discuss the intersection of tribal sovereignty and energy justice.

Senior fellows JoRee LaFrance and Kevin Patterson join the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss energy production and use in their tribal communities and the challenges and opportunities to make it more sustainable.
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Women say their farms were seized to build nickel mines amid Indonesia's electric vehicle boom

Indonesia has ambitious plans to become a hub for manufacturing electric vehicles. On the island of Sulawesi, women tell CNN their farms are being seized without their consent to support the industry's growth.

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Los Angeles will offer more energy incentives to low-income residents

A new study by the city’s utility and other researchers found that lower-income residents cannot afford electric vehicles and clean energy.