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food waste
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Top Mississippi Republicans support new EV battery plant despite Trump’s criticism
Large corporations successfully block shareholder climate proposals
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summer reading list

Our annual summer reading list, 2024 edition

Happy 4th of July! Looking for a summer book? Here's what our staff is reading.

It's hard to believe it's already the Fourth of July — which means fireworks, cookouts, beach time and our annual summer reading list!

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personal narratives compliment scientific data
Credit: Sarah Kanouse/Flickr

Medical anthropologist in Arizona enhances environmental science using local narratives

Researcher Denise Moreno-Ramirez utilizes oral histories to deepen environmental science research, highlighting community impacts from neglected toxic sites.

Emma Peterson reports for Inside Climate News.

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environmental health news

A new, exciting chapter at Environmental Health News

Our senior editor explores our newsrooms’ impact over the past year — and where we’re headed.

I’m what you’d call reluctant to change.

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environmental news stories
Credit: Julie Lopez/Unsplash

Our 5 most read stories of 2023

Revisit the stories that most resonated with our readers this year.

It's always interesting to what stories touch people.

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electric vehicle charging
Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

Podcast: The hidden toll of electric cars

As the demand for electric vehicles soars and more minerals are needed for production, manganese mine workers in South Africa are experiencing mysterious health problems.
Institute, WV sues the EPA to spur action on toxic air pollution

Institute, WV sues the EPA to spur action on toxic air pollution

Institute, one of two majority-Black communities in the state, was left out of a regulatory effort earlier this year to tighten limits on cancer-causing chemicals.