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Fed Governor Waller doubts need for climate-change tests on banks

“Climate change is real, but I do not believe it poses a serious risk to the safety and soundness of large banks or the financial stability of the United States,” Waller said.

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Explaining the Fed's climate test

Turns out modeling catastrophic climate change is harder than it looks. Just ask the Federal Reserve.

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The Federal Reserve is testing how climate change could hurt big banks

The largest six banks in the United States have been given until July to show the Federal Reserve what effects disastrous climate change scenarios could have on their bottom lines.

Powell distances Fed from climate policy

Powell says Fed will not be a ‘climate policymaker’

In a speech on Federal Reserve independence, Chair Jerome H. Powell emphasized that climate change should be addressed by elected officials.
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World’s central banks financing destruction of the rainforest

Some of the world’s biggest central banks are unwittingly helping to finance agri-business giants engaged in the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon, according to a report published on Wednesday.

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New Fed banking chief targeting crypto and climate change as top priorities

The Federal Reserve’s new banking regulator outlined a broad agenda in a speech Wednesday that pushed for action on stablecoins, climate change preparations and both the safety and fairness of the finance industry.

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Biden nominated a climate hero to the Fed. Manchin just tanked her nomination

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin announced Monday he wouldn’t support the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin, President Biden’s pick as top bank regulator at the Federal Reserve and an outspoken advocate of addressing the risks that global warming poses to the world’s financial systems.