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Rising Atlantic sea levels
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
2024 Goldman Environmental Prize
Trump's potential impact on climate policy
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There is something acting a lot like a carbon price in our economy and it is called risk

Chaos is bad for superannuation funds and climate change could mean a lot of chaos. Mary Delahunty, who analyses these scenarios for one of Australia's biggest super funds, takes us inside the attempt to reduce uncertainty.

Tech startups race to rate carbon offsets

Tech startups race to rate carbon offsets

Sylvera has raised $32.6 million of venture funding to grade forestry projects by how effectively they keep carbon out of the atmosphere; it faces competition.
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Biden looks at climate change risks to financial markets

In a season of daunting wildfires and flooding, the Biden administration is taking an initial step to assess how climate change could harm financial markets.

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Also roaring back from pandemic: Earth-warming emissions

Global warming emissions are expected to spike this year as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and economies begin to recover.

Environmental assassinations bad for business

Environmental assassinations bad for business, new research shows

Financial markets respond swiftly and definitively when multinationals are publicly named in connection with the assassination of an environmental defender.

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Federal report warns of financial havoc from climate change

Federal report warns of financial havoc from climate change

A report commissioned by President Trump’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued dire warnings about climate change’s impact on financial markets.
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Biden unveils climate change plan with energy revamp

Joe Biden released a plan Tuesday aimed at combating climate change and spurring economic growth in part by overhauling America's energy industry, with a proposal to achieve entirely carbon pollution-free power by 2035.