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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Europe's climate change response lags behind growing threats

Europe's climate change response lags behind growing threats

Heatwaves, floods, and ecological stress are outstripping Europe's preparations for climate change, warns a European Environment Agency report.

Ajit Niranjan reports for The Guardian.

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bc fires

British Columbia's budget overlooks climate disaster prevention efforts

In British Columbia, despite recent devastating climate events, the latest budget focuses more on emergency response than on preventing future disasters.

Zoë Yunker reports for The Tyee.

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amazon fires

Amazon's growing fire crisis: a deep dive into the rainforest's struggle

The Amazon is experiencing increasingly frequent and intense megafires, exacerbated by climate change and human activities, leading to significant ecological damage and carbon emissions.

Sibélia Zanon and Luis Patriani report for Mongabay.

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Chile's battle with climate-induced wildfires intensifies

In Chile, unprecedented wildfires, fueled by climate change and El Niño, are ravaging the landscape, marking a new era of environmental challenges.

Scott Dance reports for The Washington Post.

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carbon dioxide

See how carbon dioxide builds up in Earth’s atmosphere over one year

Two hundred years after the discovery of the greenhouse effect, a new animation of our atmosphere shows how humans add more carbon dioxide than Earth can absorb.
burned forest trees

Climate change is turning swaths of California’s mountains into ‘zombie forests’

There’s something eerie about this forest in the southern Sierra Nevada. Tangles of bony branches obscure the ground. Dead trees stand gray and bristly. An aura of doom hangs over the green conifers that remain.

maui rebuilding
Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash

Grieving Maui residents prepare to rebuild but ask: ‘For whom?’

Hawaii’s environment has suffered since its annexation by the US – can rebuilding return the island to an earlier way of life?