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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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climate change insurability

What your insurer is trying to tell you about climate change

Insurers are trying to send a message. The government is trying to suppress it.
sea level rise climate impacts

How fast are the seas rising?

Global sea level has risen 6.7 inches (170 mm) over the past 100 years, and by about 11 inches (280 mm) along the shores of the contiguous U.S. The rise has accelerated, and is now more than double the rate observed in the 20th century.
federal weather model underplays flooding

Study shows federal weather model underplays flooding, putting infrastructure spending at risk

Many new projects could face flooding threats far earlier than expected, forcing local governments to pay for unanticipated maintenance or potentially wasting funds from the $350 billion the legislation set aside for projects.
homeowner insurance challenges California
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State Farm won’t insure California homes, wildfires and rebuild costs

State Farm said it will no longer accept homeowner insurance applications in California, pointing to growing “catastrophe exposure” and the high cost to rebuild.
flood recovery cost shifting

Who should pay when development causes floods?

As Ontario gears up to build intensely, the federal government is trying to reduce its ballooning disaster assistance budget. Are flood recovery costs being passed on to people and places that don’t have the power to protect themselves?
NJ Legislature OKs flood-risk disclosure bill

NJ Legislature OKs bill to make landlords, sellers warn residents about past floods

New Jersey has been one of 21 states without strong flood disclosure requirements, according to the Waterfront Alliance.
flooding climate impacts urbanp lanning

Cities at risk of being underwater due to climate change are taking action

Climate change is affecting our coastal cities, potentially flooding them in 50 years. That is why cities are now starting to take action to preserve their city and their historic buildings.