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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Indiana farm to become first in the nation to adopt new beef standard

Fischer Farms in Saint Anthony, Indiana, has seen a lot of operational changes since its inception during the Civil War. The farm, owned and operated by Joseph Fischer and family for six generations, decided in 2004 to switch from conventional beef production to a process requiring fewer antibiotics.
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scotus & chevron doctrine
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Supreme Court appears ready to erode Chevron doctrine

But in arguments at the court Wednesday, moderate justices raised questions about the practical impact of totally upending the 40-year-old legal doctrine.
supermarket produce
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Reducing pesticides in food: Major food manufacturers earn an F grade

Seventeen major food manufacturers earned an average grade of F for their lack of progress in reducing pesticides in the products they sell, according to a new analysis by As You Sow, a nonprofit specializing in shareholder advocacy.

Lab-grown meat receives clearance from F.D.A.
Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Lab-grown meat receives clearance from F.D.A.

In a first step toward cultivated meat reaching dinner tables and restaurant menus, regulators said that a start-up company’s chicken was safe to eat.
As floods subside, Pakistan's economy is on a knife-edge

As floods subside, Pakistan's economy is on a knife-edge

Monsoon rains arrive as the country battles a financial crisis.
Africa’s promise of refrigeration

Africa’s cold rush and the promise of refrigeration

For the developing world, refrigeration is growth. In Rwanda, it could spark an economic transformation.