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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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decarbonization and energy transition

Fossil fuels are killing the planet. So why don’t we stop using them?

Ditching fossil fuels is a key part of tackling climate change and keeping our planet fit for human life, but Bay Street and Big Oil are standing in the way. Here's everything you need to know.
Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund divesting Russia

Exit Russia for Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, divesting order given

The Norwegian Central Bank freezes all investments in Russia, awaiting a plan to sell all shares.
Duwamish Valley truck electrification program

A Duwamish Valley truck electrification program looks to reduce air pollution

In the Duwamish Valley — South Seattle’s near-port community, which is plagued by industrial pollution and is a toxic Superfund site — zero-emission electric trucks could improve air quality.

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Why the energy transition will be so complicated

Why the energy transition will be so complicated

The degree to which the world depends on oil and gas is not well understood.
raw materials govern energy transition

Why raw materials could impact speed of energy transition

Public debates about the EU's dependence on oil and gas imports are mounting. But Europe might soon find itself in an even weaker position in a field crucial for energy transition: critical raw materials.
if riding the bus was free

What if riding the bus was free?

Saying ‘no fares’ could make public transit better and streets safer, while speeding up climate and justice progress. Who’s onboard?