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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
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John Kerry climate legacy
Credit: Dean Calma/IAEA Imagebank/Flickr

John Kerry’s America First climate legacy

For those who have felt the hard edge of US climate diplomacy, Kerry was no white knight.
Climate prediction challenges
Credit: Valentina R./BigStock Photo ID: 25800830

Hannah Ritchie: ‘Doomsday predictions are a dream for climate deniers’

The environmental scientist, whose book Not the End of the World offers a data-based analysis of the climate crisis, on being informed and engaged without succumbing to despair.

Tuvalu climate vulnerability resilience
Credit: UNDP Climate/Flickr

Tuvalu’s deal with Australia addresses rising sea level, but also China

Tuvalu has struck an agreement with Australia to help deal with climate change — but it could also make it a geopolitical pawn as China eyes the Pacific.
nord stream pipelines sabotage
Credit: Prachatai/Flickr

Sweden’s climate pollution rose 7% in 2022 because of Nord Stream sabotage

The major gas leak from the sabotaged Nord Stream pipeline last year pushed Sweden’s annual plant-heating emissions upby 7%, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency reported Thursday.

COP28 fossil fuel transition
Credit: Palácio do Planalto/Foto: Estevam/Flickr

At COP28 climate summit, nations agree to move away from fossil fuels

Nearly 200 countries convened by the United Nations approved a milestone plan to ramp up renewable energy and transition away from coal, oil and gas.
Putin trolls COP28 with oil talks

Putin trolls COP28 with oil talks next door

His presence presented a symbolic split screen: Global climate talks in one frame, Putin’s oil negotiations in the other.
China restricts graphite exports

China to restrict graphite exports to United States as tech war escalates

New controls on graphite exports to the United States could hurt American efforts to create green jobs while weaning the country off fossil fuels.