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Virginia to drop California’s emissions rules by year’s end

Virginia to drop California’s emissions rules by year’s end

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced the state's plan to abandon California's vehicle emissions standards by the end of the year, citing an opinion from the Attorney General.

Denise Lavoie and Sarah Brumfield report for The Associated Press.

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Environmental justice advocates in Virginia fear recent legal gains could be thwarted by politics in Richmond

The state’s Council on Environmental Justice needs additional funding, they say, while the Republican Youngkin administration hasn’t made community environmental concerns a priority.

Virginia’s RGGI withdrawal
Virginia Office of the Governor/FlickrOfficial Photo by Christian Martinez, Office of Governor Glenn Youngkin

Judge deals blow to legal effort to halt Virginia’s RGGI withdrawal

A legal effort to thwart Virginia Gov. Glenn Younkin’s bid to unilaterally withdraw the state from a regional carbon-reduction pact has hit a technical snag.
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With Democrats back in control of Virginia’s General Assembly, environmentalists see a narrow path forward for climate policy

New Democratic majorities in the Senate and House of Delegates aren’t nearly big enough to override vetoes by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, described by one Democrat as “mostly hostile to climate policy.” But Democrats will control the regulation of utilities.

What if Virginia drops RGGI
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What’s at stake if RGGI disappears in Virginia?

Barring a last-minute change of heart or a judge’s order, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration plans to sever the state’s ties to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative at the end of this year.

Andrew Wheeler fossil fuel advocacy
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Trump’s former head of the EPA has been a quiet contributor to Virginia’s exit from RGGI

Gov. Glenn Youngkin caused an uproar picking Andrew Wheeler as his natural resources secretary. Senate Democrats blocked Wheeler’s nomination, but now he oversees regulatory efforts and remains involved in environmental policy.

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Va. panel votes to exit carbon trading market in move Dems call unlawful

A Virginia regulatory board on Wednesday voted to withdraw the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, fulfilling a directive from Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin but triggering the threat of legal action from environmental groups who say the board overstepped its authority.