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great salt lake dust drought

Here’s what the Great Salt Lake’s dust is doing to our bodies

Dust pollution is the first problem to emerge from a desiccated terminal lake, said Kevin Perry, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Utah, and will be the last to be solved.

great salt lake
Photo by Brent Pace on Unsplash

The Great Salt Lake is shrinking rapidly and Utah has failed to stop it, a new lawsuit says

A coalition of environmental groups is suing Utah's government, saying the state has failed to stop the Great Salt Lake from shrinking at an alarming pace.
salton sea sign
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A terminal case? Shrinking inland seas expose salty particulates and more

The Salton Sea and Great Salt Lake face distinct challenges and have different potential fixes. But together, they highlight a much broader trend that may pose public health threats in locations around the globe: dust blowing from the beds of drying terminal lakes.

Mormon Church saving Great Salt Lake

Mormon Church works to save the Great Salt Lake with big water donation

Its leaders have permanently donated a small reservoir’s worth of church-owned water to the lake, which some scientists warn could disappear before the decade ends.
great salt lake water climate drought

Great Salt Lake still at high risk of disappearing after epic snow, scientists warn

After an incredible winter full of rain and snow, there is a glimmer of hope on North America’s largest terminal lake, where water levels had fallen to a record-low last fall amid a historic, climate change-fueled drought across the West.

great salt lake utah climate water drought

Climate change threatens Utah, despite Great Salt Lake recovery

For anyone seeking an example of what climate change at its most surreal can look like, consider the case of the Great Salt Lake.

great salt lake terry tempest williams
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Terry Tempest Williams: I am haunted by what I have seen at Great Salt Lake

Evaporation from heat and drought accelerated by climate change, combined with overuse of the rivers that feed it, have shrunk the lake’s area by two-thirds.