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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
Ralph Regenvanu vanuatu climate
Photo by Seiji Seiji on Unsplash

How a small island nation is taking climate change to court

In an exclusive interview, Vanuatu’s climate minister Ralph Regenvanu discusses the country’s leadership on climate reparations and accountability.
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#WeChooseNow climate
Photo by Larry Farr on Unsplash

A grassroots climate vision for the Gulf Coast and Appalachia

#WeChooseNow, a project led by Taproot Earth and the Climate and Community Project, has brought together community leaders and advocates from Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky to develop climate action strategies that address local needs, including issues such as mass incarceration and its connection to climate justice.

Pointe-au-Chien Tribe climate louisiana
Photo by Jessica Tan on Unsplash

Erosion and sea-level rise are coming for their Louisiana home. They're staying anyway

For members of Louisiana's Pointe-au-Chien Tribe, relocating means a lot more than simply packing up and moving.
HUD program for climate change
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HUD program for climate change doesn't go far enough

A new HUD program to help assisted housing residents to get climate upgrades to their home doesn't go far enough, advocates say.
prison fence barbed wire
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Extreme heat is putting Indigenous inmates at deadly risk

Overcrowded and underfunded, tribal jails aren't ready for a warming world.

climate tv media netflix

The next cameo on your favorite TV show could be climate change

As the crisis and its solutions become more a part of our daily lives, it’s both natural — and necessary — that we would see more examples on screen.
flame retardant wildfires water
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A lawsuit to protect streams could take away a prime firefighting tool

The main chemical in flame retardant — ammonium phosphate — is known to poison fish and other aquatic life, including vulnerable species like Chinook salmon.