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Guyana's new wealth: boon or bane?

Guyana's new wealth: boon or bane?

In Guyana, a country with a history of colonial exploitation and environmental preservation, the discovery of vast offshore oil reserves is setting the stage for a transformative era, juxtaposed against rising concerns over climate change and equitable development.

Gaiutra Bahadur reports for The New York Times.

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oil driling

Exxon's oil exploration in Guyana could heighten regional tensions

ExxonMobil's plan to drill for oil in a disputed region between Guyana and Venezuela risks escalating tensions in South America.

Luke Taylor reports for The Guardian.

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guyana carbon offsets climate

As Guyana shows, carbon offsets will not save the Amazon rainforest

With all their flaws, carbon offsets are not the solution to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest - leaders should acknowledge that.

guyana exxon pollution ruling

Could Guyana’s Exxon ruling scare big oil off risky exploration?

Ruling requiring ‘unlimited guarantee’ from oil firms to cover costs of spills could change offshore drilling throughout region.

exxon mobil fossil fuels climate guyana

How a poor country imperiled by climate change tied its future to oil

Guyana, one of South America's poorest countries, is under severe threat by rising seas. That had made it a champion of climate action, but it all changed when ExxonMobil found oil off its waters.
guyana exxon oil energy
Photo by Clyde Thomas on Unsplash

Exxon’s oil drilling gamble off Guyana coast ‘poses major environmental risk’

ExxonMobil's huge new Guyana project faces charges of a disregard for safety from experts who claim the company has failed to adequately prepare for possible disaster, the Guardian and Floodlight have found.

Suriname could be latest big oil find as industry cuts costs

Suriname could be latest big oil find as industry cuts costs

The small South American country has become a hot prospect for oil companies looking to produce fossil fuels while spending less.