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Rebuilding in Lahaina sees easing of coastal rules after wildfires

Rebuilding in Lahaina sees easing of coastal rules after wildfires

Homeowners in Lahaina, Maui, will now find it easier to rebuild their homes damaged by recent wildfires, as state and local governments relax certain zoning laws to speed up the recovery process.

Stewart Yerton reports for Honolulu Civil Beat.

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hawaiian salt
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Native Hawaiian salt makers combat climate change and pollution to protect a sacred tradition

A salt patch on the island of Kauai is one of the last remaining in all of Hawaii. Salt makers from 22 Native Hawaiian families gather here in the summer months to do the hard work of making paakai or Hawaiian salt.
maui rebuilding
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Grieving Maui residents prepare to rebuild but ask: ‘For whom?’

Hawaii’s environment has suffered since its annexation by the US – can rebuilding return the island to an earlier way of life?
ocean sunset palm trees
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Invasive species have created a cycle of wildfire in Hawaiʻi. Can Maui break it?

Planting native flora could help prevent the island's next wildfire and reconnect Mauians to their cultural heritage.
toxic wildfire smoke
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As wildfires multiply, a new era of air pollution

Fires in Canada and the island of Maui, in the US state of Hawaii, have damaged massive areas of land and raised questions about lasting health effects.
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gen z tiktok climate lawsuit
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With TikTok and lawsuits, Gen Z takes on climate change

Like a growing number of young people, Kaliko Teruya is engaged in efforts to raise awareness about global warming and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, last year she and 13 other young people, age 9 to 18, sued their home state, Hawaii, over its use of fossil fuels.

wildfires climate impacts homes fuel
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David Wallace-Wells: The age of the urban inferno is here

Increasingly, fires emerging hotter and more intense from the natural landscape are burning human structures not as collateral but as fuel