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Corporate interests often obscure the real impacts of their products on public health

Companies sometimes conceal the detrimental health effects of their products, such as forever chemicals, to maintain profits, despite known risks

Nicholas Chartres and Lisa Bero write for The Conversation.

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gas stove efficiency & regulation
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The gas stove fight finally flames out

A new Energy Department regulation would modestly tighten efficiency requirements for some gas stoves.
toxic bomb train derailments

Millions of Americans face risk of a toxic ‘bomb train’

In some spots along the path the chemicals are transported, people of color make up the largest group at risk.
chemical-industry lobby hazardous exemptions
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Vicky Cann: How the chemical-industry lobby pushes 'safe use' exemptions

Ever since the EU Commission published its hazardous chemicals strategy, the industry has lobbied to undermine and dilute its promises — and lobbyists can point to some clear wins.
plastic chemicals hiding in your food
Credit: Demetri Dourambeis/Flickr

The plastic chemicals hiding in your food

CR tested popular fast foods and supermarket staples for some of the chemicals used to make plastic, which can be harmful to your health. Here's what we found—and how to stay safer.
black carbon air pollution
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Firelighters ‘hidden culprit’ behind black carbon air pollution, study finds

Previously unknown health and climate effects from firelighters exposed by researchers from Ireland, China and India.