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The White House introduces a unified standard for zero-energy buildings
Europe's rail renaissance
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In Europe, a rail renaissance is underway

Amid concerns about climate change, demand for rail service is strong, and both governments and private investors are trying to keep up. Even Eurostar may see competition on its London-Paris route.
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American high-speed rail: The 5 projects taking shape in the U.S.

Here are five U.S. projects that have boosted prospects for a high-speed rail system.
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How 'Buy America' could kill high-speed rail

President Joe Biden is famous as a supporter and patron of passenger trains, but advocates hoping he would jump-start high-speed rail say his manufacturing policies will hinder the climate-friendly transportation.

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Ray LaHood: Lack of federal support stalling high-speed rail projects

Between 1949 and 2017, the federal government invested only $10 billion in high-speed rail with $4 billion of that dedicated to the California project, compared to investments of $777 billion in aviation and over $2 trillion in highways. The federal government can’t expect transformative results with piecemeal funding. We must go big.

How California’s bullet train went off the rails

How California’s bullet train went off the rails

America’s first experiment with high-speed rail has become a multi-billion-dollar nightmare. Political compromises created a project so expensive that almost no one knows how it can be built as originally envisioned.
Will a fast train to Vegas lure road trippers from their cars?

Will a fast train to Vegas lure road trippers from their cars?

The planned Brightline West would help the U.S. catch up on high-speed rail. But to fill seats, it will have to win passengers in an autocentric country.
California’s ambitious high-speed rail at crossroads

California’s ambitious high-speed rail at crossroads

As President Biden touts an “infrastructure decade,” there is little that’s certain about the biggest infrastructure project of them all.