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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Top Mississippi Republicans support new EV battery plant despite Trump’s criticism
Large corporations successfully block shareholder climate proposals
renewable energy transmission corridors
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Tribes, environmental groups ask US court to block $10B energy transmission project in Arizona

A federal judge is being asked to issue a stop-work order on a $10 billion electricity transmission line slated to run through a remote southeastern Arizona valley.
Guarani Indigenous land rights
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On Brazil’s smallest Indigenous land, a pregnant teen makes a stand

A tiny Indigenous territory has become a national battleground over Brazil’s most polarizing question: How much land do Indigenous people warrant?
2023 in Native environmental news
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2023 in Native environmental news

In 2023, the complexity of the environmental issues that impact Native communities took center stage. The unique legal, political and economic hurdles tribal nations face in protecting their land, water, air — and people — became vividly apparent.

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Amazon carbon emissions offsets

“Carbon Cowboys” chasing emissions offsets in the Amazon keep forest-dwelling communities in the dark

Indigenous and traditional groups in the forest are rarely consulted about carbon credit projects they see as the latest gold rush on their lands, and question the community and climate benefits the projects promise.

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Indigenous land flooded by dams

More than 1m acres of Indigenous land flooded by dams, new study finds

Land dispossession and depravation was a mainstay strategy used by settler colonials to divide and disempower communities.

Brazil Indigenous land rights
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Where Indigenous land rights prevail in Brazil, so does nature, study finds

A study that looked at changes in forest cover in 129 Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest between 1995 and 2016 has found that deforestation rates were lower and reforestation rates higher in those where land tenure had been formalized.

BC Indigenous mineral rights
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This court case could change mining in B.C.

The Gitxaała Nation and Ehattesaht First Nation want the province to change how it gives out mineral titles — and they’re taking their fight to the B.C. Supreme Court