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Extreme heat poses serious health risks to children, experts warn
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Tornado hotspots shifting from Plains to Southeast, raising risks
With Arctic permafrost thawing, Pentagon frets over deadly pathogens

With Arctic permafrost thawing, Pentagon frets over deadly pathogens

In one troubling case, dozens of people were sickened − and thousands of reindeer were killed − when anthrax spores emerged from the thawing permafrost in an Arctic region of Siberia.

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Dangerous fungus is becoming more prevalent. Scientists believe climate change could be to blame

A rare and dangerous fungal infection has been spreading across the United States in recent years — and a primary theory is that climate change is driving its rapid rise.
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Francesco Branda: Is climate change causing a resurgence in infectious diseases?

The clock is ticking to restore our relationship with nature to one that is mutually beneficial, not detrimental to our existence.

Wildfire smoke may carry deadly fungi

Wildfire smoke may carry deadly fungi long distances

Pathogens in soil are a danger to firefighters, but smoke may transport spores that cause valley fever and other infections into cities too.
wildland firefighters risk long COVID

A smoldering threat to wildland firefighters

Long COVID affects more than 16 million Americans, and firefighters are at increased risk of getting it.
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Climate change hazards worsen 58 percent of infectious diseases, study says

Climate hazards such as flooding, heat waves and drought have worsened more than half of the hundreds of known infectious diseases in people, including malaria, hantavirus, cholera and anthrax, a study says.

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New tick diseases are sickening people

New tick diseases are emerging across the US and around the world — fueled by climate change — but doctors say they're difficult to diagnose.