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Italy and Spain experienced some of the world’s most costly climate disasters in 2023

The report calls for world leaders of developed countries to channel more funding into climate finance.
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Extreme drought in northern Italy mirrors climate in Ethiopia

Extreme drought in northern Italy has doubled over the past two decades, creating a climate that increasingly mirrors that of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, research shows.

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Wildfires and heat transform Italy and Greece into tourism nightmares

Record heat and wildfires have turned summer holidays into nightmares and called into question the future of cherished tourist destinations.
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Faced with climate change, island of Ischia battles illegal urban development

The island of Ischia is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, and the problem of uncontrolled urban development is making the damage worse.

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Flood-battered Italian region may see more violent and frequent storms

Experts have linked recent deadly rains in the north of the country to climate change, but decades of urbanization and neglect helped lay the groundwork for a calamity.
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Global warming fueled both the ongoing floods and the drought that preceded them in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region

In a part of the country famous for its agriculture and cultural identity, climate-driven swings between extreme precipitation and deep drought threaten historic architecture, ancient art and beloved foods.

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Rome climate protesters turn Trevi fountain water black

Seven activists protesting against climate change climbed into the Trevi fountain in Rome and poured diluted charcoal into the water to turn it black.