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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Alberta COVID-19 relief stalled climate action

How Jason Kenney’s COVID-19 relief disrupted climate action

The Alberta Energy Regulator says pandemic relief for the oilpatch in 2020 disrupted provincial action to fight the climate crisis.

Alberta's carbon capture rollout plan criticized by industry

Alberta's carbon capture rollout plan criticized by industry over transparency, costs

Industry leaders in Alberta have criticized the government's rollout of a plan to capture carbon dioxide emissions underground as ineffective and lacking transparency, saying it has delayed billions of dollars of investment and increased costs.
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Climate change and giant Alberta fire’s legacy of anxiety

It’s been six years since the massive fire known as The Beast tore through Canada’s largest oil and gas hub, causing the costliest natural disaster in this country’s history.

Canada environmental impact law challenged

Alberta Appeal Court says federal environmental impact law violates constitution

Alberta's top court said Tuesday that the federal government's environmental impact law is unconstitutional and Ottawa almost immediately announced its plan to appeal.
Alberta's tactics to save Keystone XL pipeline

Alberta used numbered company in legal battle to save Keystone XL pipeline

To prop up pipeline giant TC Energy, Jason Kenney’s government set up numbered companies in Delaware. Here’s what the companies are doing now.

Joe Manchin loves the oilsands

Powerful US Senator Joe Manchin loves the oilsands. Now what?

First he stymied Biden’s climate bill. Then he tied Canada to his obstructive agenda.
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Gillian Steward: Big Oil is singing a new tune about climate change

It was quite a turn around when Big Oil in Alberta openly supported the Liberal government’s plan to cut the petroleum industry’s carbon emissions.