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Credit: Kristina Marusic for Environmental Health News

EHN reporter discusses new proposed fracking regulations in Pennsylvania on "Living on Earth"

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro directed regulatory agencies in Pennsylvania to draft new regulations that would improve the disclosure of the chemicals used during fracking.

PITTSBURGH — Environmental Health News reporter Kristina Marusic joined NPR's "Living on Earth" to discuss whether newly proposed fracking regulations in Pennsylvania could improve transparency about the chemicals used by the industry.

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Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro to appeal court ruling on climate program

Gov. Shapiro isn’t committing to Pennsylvania joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, but wants to maintain executive authority in light of a recent court ruling.
PA natural gas driller CNX

Pa. governor announces agreement with CNX, new fracking regs coming

Gov. Josh Shapiro went to Washington County to announce a voluntary agreement the state was signing with CNX, the Canonsburg-based natural gas driller.

Pa. launches Office of Outdoor Recreation

Pa. launches Office of Outdoor Recreation

State officials gathered in western Pennsylvania on Thursday to celebrate the launch of Pennsylvania’s first-ever Office of Outdoor Recreation.
Pennsylvania's secret working group on greenhouse gas emissions

Documents reveal new details about Pennsylvania governor’s secret working group on greenhouse gas emissions

Materials released under the state’s Right to Know Act underline the political balancing act facing Gov. Josh Shapiro as he solicits views on the state’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. But many are unhappy with the secrecy surrounding his advisory “working group.”

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Secretive state climate talks stir discontent with Pennsylvania governor

Already infuriated by a decision to allow drilling in a town with tainted water, onetime supporters are questioning Josh Shapiro’s commitment to environmental issues.

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Pennsylvania high court appears split over plan to force power plants to pay for carbon emissions

Justices on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court indicated Wednesday that they are likely to have split opinions on whether a governor has the right to force power plant owners to pay for their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions