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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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california erosion climate coast

California overhauls its sea level rise plan as climate change reshapes coastal life

Sea level rise lapping over and pushing up groundwater under the California shoreline is the next climate threat in a state already thrashed around by wildlife, drought and deluge.

‘It’s an unimaginable number of fish’

‘It’s an unimaginable number of fish’

You’ve probably seen pictures or even smelled them by now. This past week, thousands upon thousands of dead fish washed up on shorelines all over the Bay Area. And there are way more beneath the surface. So, what's behind this? And is this a one-off, or a sign that we need to do something to
Bay Area refinery pollution

Air regulators weigh plan aimed at dramatically cutting Bay Area refinery pollution

Supporters of the proposed change say the rule would cut particulate emissions from two East Bay refineries by more than 70%.
wine country climate impacts

How wine country is adapting to climate change

Earthquakes, fires, floods and drought have been a part of Wine Country in the last decade. Napa and Sonoma winemakers discuss what they're doing to adapt to the constantly changing climate.