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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Adam Bandt accuses Albanese government of ‘greenwashing’ for allowing new coal and gas mines

Adam Bandt has accused Labor of “gaslighting” and “greenwashing” for allowing new coal and gas mines to offset emissions in its upgraded safeguards mechanism.

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Climate concern the main reason voters swung to independents at federal election, study finds

Concern about the climate crisis was the No 1 issue that prompted Australians to switch their vote to an independent candidate at this year’s federal election, according to in-depth social research.

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Free carbon credits could threaten Australia’s emission reduction targets, Labor’s advisors warn

RepuTex says the safeguard mechanism could hand free credits to big industrial polluters and lock in fossil fuel production.

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Burning native forest wood waste for electricity shouldn’t be classed as renewable energy, Senate report suggests

A Labor-led committee has recommended the government consider changing a controversial law classifying electricity from burning native forest wood waste as renewable energy after the Senate votes for its climate change legislation.

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Leading environment group says Labor must include ratchet mechanism in climate change bill

A key environment group has toughened its stance on Labor’s climate change legislation, endorsing calls from the Greens and crossbenchers for the Albanese government to add a ratchet mechanism to boost the 43% target over time.

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‘Living climate change now’: How Australian farmers are trying to turn the tide

Agriculture is seen as a key culprit in rising emissions. Some on the land are aiming to lead by example, making their properties carbon neutral.

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Queenslanders will be hardest hit if Australia fails to act on climate change, Labor warns

The opposition climate change minister, Chris Bowen, has warned almost one million Australians will lose their jobs if runaway climate change decimates the environment and the economy – with Queensland bearing the brunt of any failure to act.