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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

Los Angeles will offer more energy incentives to low-income residents

A new study by the city’s utility and other researchers found that lower-income residents cannot afford electric vehicles and clean energy.
Tropical Storm Hilary: California hit with flooding, mudslides
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Tropical Storm Hilary: California hit with flooding, mudslides

Tropical Storm Hilary’s effects were forecast to extend through Monday in the Southwestern United States and the Baja California region in Mexico.
tesla charging energy eklaka

What happened when a Tesla came to Ekalaka

A Los Angeles couple, an electric vehicle and an unattended utility outlet energized the gossip mill in the 400-person eastern Montana town last week.

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From Los Angeles to Shanghai, the port cities collaborating to cut shipping emissions

Shipping is responsible for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, far less than road transport. But its emissions are notoriously hard to abate, and growing fast.

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Mono Lake: Will state stop diverting its water to L.A.?

Environmentalists say it's past time for California to halt Los Angeles' diversion of Mono Lake's tributaries. L.A. says it needs the water.
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California bill would hit oil companies with $1 million penalty for health impacts

The first of its kind legislation holds companies liable for illness from urban drilling.
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Unequal exposure to heatwaves in Los Angeles: Impact of uneven green spaces

Large disparities in land surface temperature across Los Angeles highlight the need for equitable climate adaptation measures.