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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Image by 8385 from Pixabay

Is global warming accelerating? Experts can't agree

One of modern climate science's pioneers is warning that the world isn't just steadily warming but is dangerously accelerating, according to a study that some other scientists call a bit overheated.

burned forest trees

Climate change is turning swaths of California’s mountains into ‘zombie forests’

There’s something eerie about this forest in the southern Sierra Nevada. Tangles of bony branches obscure the ground. Dead trees stand gray and bristly. An aura of doom hangs over the green conifers that remain.

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Image by Jonathan Reichel from Pixabay

Swiss glaciers lose 10% of their volume in two years

Scientists have said climate breakdown caused by the burning of fossil fuels is the cause of unusually hot summers and winters with very low snow volume, which have caused the accelerating melts.

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Ireland's mountains: A tourist attraction under threat

While Irish mountains are not the biggest or most spectacular, they have their own beauty which draws many visitors both domestic and international. That beauty is fragile and is already feeling the effects of climate change.
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Seeking sanctuary on a warming planet

Scientists look to identify, map and preserve climate change refugia.
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Paul Hockenos: This winter, more than ever, we’re skiing straight to hell

The paucity of snow across the European Alps, a phenomenon that has worsened distinctly since the early 1970s, is almost surely a consequence of global heating. Paradoxically, the ski industry and its patrons are contributing to the sport’s own demise.

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Image by Jackie Burton from Pixabay

Fetuses can be vulnerable to climate change, air pollution exposure, says researcher

Jennifer Cantley is part of "Moms Clean Air Force," a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization made up of more than 1 million parents.