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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
trees and human health
Credit: Festival of Faiths/Flickr

A scientist in Louisville is compiling data on trees and human health

An ongoing science experiment involves nearly 8,000 trees and shrubs in southern Louisville and health data from nearly 500 residents.
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aquifer depletion & groundwater pumping
Credit: VectorMine/Flickr

The world’s essential aquifers are in deep trouble

New research finds that the groundwater systems that hydrate your life are in rapid, sometimes accelerating decline around the globe. Here’s how to stop the retreat.
climate resilience & adaptation
Credit: Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

‘The wildlife that has come is phenomenal’: the UK farmers holding off floods the natural way

Planting trees, creating floodplains and rewilding rivers are among the new techniques being used to adapt to a heating climate.

river boats mountains
Photo by Ollie Tulett on Unsplash

Thailand tries nature-based water management to adapt to climate change

A new report assesses the efficacy of two nature-based approaches to water management in Thailand, which represent a step away from the country’s typically top-down, hard-engineering approach and present several benefits to the environment and communities.

mangrove restoration Mexico

The mangrove grandparents of El Delgadito

For over a decade, Ana María and David have led their community to restore Mexico’s desert mangroves with dedication, experimentation, and plenty of heart.
beavers & BC drought resilience

As drought dries up B.C. rivers, conservationists turn to beavers for help

The ongoing drought in many parts of B.C. is causing some rivers in the province's northern Interior to reach their driest mid-October levels in years. In Prince George, the unusually low waters have locals worried.
eco-friendly roof nature-based solution

A ‘green’ roof adds insulation and helps manage storm water runoff

A family installed an eco-friendly roof filled with chives, succulents and other plants to manage storm water runoff and add insulation.