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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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War's environmental damage
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Photo by Lingchor on Unsplash

Road to ruin: Informal byways sow seeds of destruction in Colombia's Amazon

The dirt tracks winding through southern Colombia's tangled jungle often mark the beginning of the end for besieged patches of rainforest in this part of the Amazon.
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Countries must cut emissions this decade to avoid climate disaster later: Britain

Countries will have to start delivering on emissions-reduction targets during the 2020s, rather than later, to avoid devastation from climate change, the British president of the upcoming COP26 climate summit says.

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France's BNP to stop financing firms farming deforested land in the Amazon

France's largest bank BNP Paribas pledged on Monday to stop financing firms producing or buying either beef or soybeans cultivated on land in the Amazon cleared or converted after 2008.
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Brazil environmental fines fall 20% as deforestation soars

Brazil's main environmental enforcement agency, Ibama, handed out 20% fewer fines in 2020, a Brazilian non-profit factchecking initiative says, as the government rolls back conservation efforts and Amazon deforestation skyrockets.

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Most Europeans plan to curb flying, eat less meat for climate, EU poll says

A majority of European citizens intend to fly less and already eat less meat to help fight climate change, according to a survey published by the European Investment Bank.

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Goal of no deforestation next year in Brazil savanna unfeasible: Soy association

Setting 2020 as a cut-off date to ban new deforestation and land conversion for soybean areas in Brazil's Cerrado savanna is not feasible, André Nassar, head of the country's oilseeds crushers' group, Abiove, says.