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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Listen: How meteorologists cover climate change

Meteorologists are seeing the effects of climate change in real time, as extreme weather events and disasters become more common. We talk with three meteorologists about how they try to talk about climate change, how they see our world changing and what pushback they get from skeptics.

wisconsin climate impacts trout biodiversity

Listen: Climate change affecting Wisconsin trout species, research finds

A new study explores how climate change is affecting brook and brown trout in Wisconsin.

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Listen: A changing US diet is affecting climate change

A recent study explored the carbon footprint of what Americans eat and how it has changed in recent years. We talk about how the changes have affected greenhouse gases with the researcher who led the study.

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Photo by Thomas Galler on Unsplash

Misinformation is derailing renewable energy projects across the United States

Jeremy Kitson's group is one of dozens in the United States and abroad that oppose utility-scale wind and solar projects. Researchers say that in many groups, misinformation is raising doubts about renewable energy and slowing or derailing projects.

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Photo by Jay Ruzesky on Unsplash

Researchers are asking for volunteer 'walrus detectives' to spot walruses from space

If you're concerned about the effect of climate change on the Arctic's wildlife now you have a way to get involved from your own home by signing up to be what the World Wildlife Fund has described as a "walrus detective."

Climate change causing higher temperatures, more rain in Wisconsin

Climate change causing higher temperatures, more rain in Wisconsin

Some of Wisconsin’s top researchers say climate change isn’t just a possibility for Wisconsin. It’s a reality that’s already happening, in the form of higher temperatures and more rain.