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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
Exploring the potential of green hydrogen to rejuvenate oceanic dead zones

Exploring the potential of green hydrogen to rejuvenate oceanic dead zones

In an innovative approach to tackling oceanic dead zones, Douglas Wallace contemplates using the oxygen by-product from green hydrogen production to revive these lifeless marine areas.

Brian Owens reports for Hakai Magazine.

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Image by sulox32 from Pixabay

Oxygen depletion, pollution in Marmara Sea spell future crisis

Oxygen depletion and rising pollution along the global climate change effects pose a threat to the future of sustaining healthy marine life in the strategically significant inland Marmara Sea, experts warn.

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As ocean oxygen levels dip, fish face an uncertain future

Global warming not only increases ocean temperatures, it triggers a cascade of effects that are stripping the seas of oxygen. Fish are already moving to new waters in search of oxygen, and scientists are warning of the long-term threat to fish species and marine ecosystems.

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Dangerous algal blooms crop up across California killing thousands of fish

Toxic algae that can make people sick have been found in popular swimming and fishing spots all around California.

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Due to climate change, ocean habitats could be remarkably different by 2060

A new study projects how climate change will affect the oceans, and protected areas in particular. The scientists used a series of different warming scenarios to determine how climate change might alter the oceans.

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Global warming driving oxygen losses in Earth's freshwater lakes

As Earth's climate continues to warm, oxygen supplies in freshwater lakes across the planet are steadily dwindling.
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Climate crisis is suffocating the world’s lakes, study finds

The climate crisis is causing a widespread fall in oxygen levels in lakes across the world, suffocating wildlife and threatening drinking water supplies.