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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Extreme heat poses danger to athletes at Paris Olympics
Opinion: Summer heat poses health risks for children
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Gas pipeline expansion could fuel Pacific north-west climate emergencies

Construction could start before the new year on a gas pipeline expansion through the Pacific north-west that state officials say will undermine the region’s renewable transition and further fuel climate emergencies.

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Oregon agencies support floating offshore wind project, but ask for more federal engagement

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek, along with six state agencies, declared their support this week for the federal government’s proposal to allow floating offshore wind energy projects off Oregon’s south coast, despite mixed feelings from local communities, the fishing industry and Tribes.
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Image by Bente Jønsson from Pixabay

Offshore wind farms could offset billions of dollars in climate change-related costs in the Pacific Northwest

Floating wind farms off the coast of southern Oregon and northern California could triple the Pacific Northwest’s wind power capacity while offsetting potentially billions of dollars in costs for utilities, ratepayers, insurance companies, and others who bear the cost of climate change’s effects, according to new research.

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Image by Kevan Craft from Pixabay

NW drinking water concerns could get worse as the climate changes

All the dirt in the Naches River was too much for the City of Yakima’s water treatment plant to handle. Desert cities and towns could see situations like this happen more often as the climate continues to change.
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Photo by Jason Hillier on Unsplash

Heat waves are breaking records. Here's what you need to know

Normally, heat records are broken by a few tenths of a degree. But last week in Canada near Hudson Bay–which is still covered in winter ice–a heat record was broken by a huge 7 degrees Celsius or more than 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Mark Gongloff: Sorry, Northwest, you won’t be a climate ‘winner’

Three heat waves in three years refute the hope the Northwest will ecape the worst of climate change.
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The early heat wave gripping the Northwest is rare — and worrying

Meteorologists and heat experts are warning that “subtle” early-season heat waves can cause large numbers of hospital admissions as they catch people when their bodies are least used to heat.