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What to watch in the COP27 draft text

Already, policymakers have clashed over whether to emphasize the need to phase out all fossil fuels, not just coal, and whether to endorse the more ambitious goal of the 2015 Paris climate accord.
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Game theory says the Paris Agreement might be a climate winner

Every country would benefit by cooperating, but they’re tempted to cheat by sticking to fossil fuels and continuing to invest in carbon-emitting industries, leaving everyone worse off.

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Biden climate plan: Should anyone care about America’s new pledge?

Policy, not aspirations, will determine Biden’s legacy on climate change.
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Biden's unlikely new ally on climate change: Corporate America

Donald Trump called climate change "a Chinese hoax" and said global emissions goals would be "very hard on our business." But when the former president pulled the U.S. out of the Paris accord in 2017, there was no celebrating in the C-suite.

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China still weighs climate summit RSVP a week after Joe Biden’s invitation

A week after getting an invitation from the United States to attend a global leaders' climate summit, Beijing said it was still considering whether to take part, highlighting the challenges it faces in dealing with Washington.

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The US wants the EU to delay imposing trade penalties on carbon-intensive imports, but is considering imposing its own

"Border carbon adjustments" could push more countries to address climate change, or spark trade wars. They're a top diplomacy issue for the us as it reengages in the Paris Accord.

Oil trade group is poised to endorse carbon pricing

Oil trade group is poised to endorse carbon pricing

The American Petroleum Institute said the move to put a price on carbon emissions would be a step toward meeting terms of the Paris climate accord.