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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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‘Climate negotiations are inherently abusive’: campaigner Brianna Craft on the struggle smaller countries face

In her memoir, the Cop delegate draws parallels with her violent childhood home and the imbalance of power in global summits.

trade partners fight eu's green agenda

Trade partners see red over Europe’s green agenda

Brussels accused of using sustainability push as pretext to throwing up trade barriers to the rest of the world.
EU accused of climate accounting tricks
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EU accused of climate accounting tricks

The bloc says it’s doing more to cut emissions, but environmentalists aren’t convinced.
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‘Broken promises’: Is Canada falling short on its climate change goals?

As world leaders and climate negotiators look for ways to implement global climate goals, observers are less optimistic about progress, saying countries are already falling short on their previous pledges.

France becomes latest country to leave controversial energy charter treaty

France becomes latest country to leave controversial energy charter treaty

Quitting the ECT, which protects fossil fuel investors from policy changes that might threaten their profits, was ‘coherent’ with Paris climate deal, Macron said
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EU plans to upgrade its Paris Agreement climate target

The European Union plans to raise its target to tackle global warming under the Paris climate agreement, although the upgrade is unlikely to happen in time for this year's U.N. climate summit.

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Nasa images show how drought has caused lake to vanish in just 7 years

New pictures taken from space of the Cerro Prieto reservoir in Mexico show how the lake has nearly entirely dried up in less than a decade.