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Colorado transportation planning
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
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6 environmental wins that gave us hope in 2022

From a thriving new marine park to rules curbing plastic pollution, the past year gave us several reasons to be optimistic for the planet's future.

Colorado fracking
Credit: Ted Auch, FracTracker Alliance, 2021

How Colorado is preventing PFAS contamination from the oil and gas industry

And how other states, including Pennsylvania, could do the same.

Editor’s note: This story is a follow-up to our recent report that found PFAS in a private well near fracking in Pennsylvania.

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fracking kids health
Credit: Kristina Marusic/EHN

PFAS: The latest toxic concern for those near fracking

The “forever chemicals” are used by the oil and gas industry, but a lack of transparency and accountability makes it impossible to know how widespread contamination could be.

PITTSBURGH—For more than a decade, Bryan Latkanich has discussed his concerns about fracking chemicals contaminating the water and air near his home with anyone who would listen.

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environmental health pollution
Credit: Pixelshot

What is environmental health?

Examining a massive influence on our health: the environment.

We've been reporting on environmental health for 20 years. But what is environmental health? You've got questions, and we have answers.

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Chemours claims PFAS chemical GenX protects the climate

Chemours claims PFAS chemical GenX protects the climate

The DuPont spinoff claims that the transition away from fossil fuels depends on its cancer-causing PFAS chemical GenX.
adding “Green Amendments” to state constitutions

How New Yorkers won the right to a “healthful environment”

A movement to add “Green Amendments” to state constitutions could help protect environmental rights around the country.

Why chemical pollution is turning into a third great planetary crisis

Why chemical pollution is turning into a third great planetary crisis

Thousands of synthetic substances have leaked into ecosystems everywhere, and we are only just beginning to realise the devastating consequences