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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Top court won't hear Quebec group's climate-change lawsuit against Ottawa

The Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday refused to hear an appeal by a Quebec environmental group seeking to launch a class action suit against the federal government, saying Ottawa has not done enough to fight climate change.

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Tories fighting net zero plans are dragging climate into new culture war, experts say

A group of Conservative politicians and their allies are on the “frontline” of a new climate war and are attempting to derail the government’s green agenda, according to claims by leading climate scientists.

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New Mexico groups call for oil and gas drilling ban on federal land

Hundreds of demonstrators a letter to the administration of President Biden and the U.S. Department of the Interior, calling for the federal government to prevent any more federal land from being used in oil and gas extraction until new, tougher regulations are enacted.

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Despite fear in Oklahoma, Biden likely won’t be ‘banning’ fracking

Contrary to Trump's claims, which have been rated as false by several fact-checkers, Biden does not plan a wholesale ban on old or new fracking. His climate strategy includes a proposal to only cease approving new oil and gas permits on federal lands.

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Joe Biden's effort to combat climate change would create green jobs but hit oil-dependent south Louisiana; here's why

Joe Biden is promising more middle-class jobs by promoting new, green industries in the fight against climate change.

Climate subsidies not 'environmentally defensible', Environment commissioner says=

Climate subsidies not 'environmentally defensible', Environment commissioner says=

The Government should ignore "special pleading" from polluters receiving taxpayer subsidies or risk failing to meet its climate targets, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says.