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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Why California’s housing market is destined to go up in flames

High costs and strict regulations are pushing development into fire country, putting homeowners in the crosshairs of climate change.
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Drought touches a quarter of humanity, U.N. says, disrupting life globally

The crisis, worsened partly by climate change, has been accompanied by soaring food prices and could have consequences for hunger, elections and migration worldwide.
Study: Climate migration will leave the elderly behind

Study: Climate migration will leave the elderly behind

Coastal populations will get older — and more fragile — as young people flee rising seas, according to new academic research.
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Will Arizona close a loophole that lets developers build without water?

Despite water woes in “wildcat” neighborhoods, lawmakers may not act.
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Can we feed the world without starving the planet?

Agriculture feeds 8 billion people every day, but also threatens wild animals and plants because of the resources needed to raise our food, especially meat. The AP reported from five continents to better understand this protein problem – and learn about ways innovators are trying to solve it.
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New book explores why India's lakes and rivers keep flooding

A new book on how humans have long lived alongside India’s bodies of water comes as the impact of climate change in South Asia becomes increasingly clear.
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Drought in Spain leaves villagers fearing a drier future

Residents of Pozoblanco and 22 other villages in the country’s south have had to get their drinking water from tankers since April, when the reservoir serving the area dried up.